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This work is old, and doesn't represent my current beliefs or support.

US Congress is currently considering CISPA – the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act – a bill that purports to protect the United States from “cyber threats” but would in fact create a gaping loophole in all existing privacy laws. If CISPA passes, companies could vacuum up huge swaths of data on everyday Internet users and share it with the government without a court order. I oppose CISPA, and I’m calling on the US Congress to reject any legislation that: - Uses dangerously vague language to define the breadth of data that can be shared with the government. - Hands the reins of America’s cybersecurity defenses to the NSA, an agency with no transparency and little accountability. - Allows data shared with the government to be used for purposes unrelated to cybersecurity.

Join me in opposing this bill by posting this statement on your own page and using this online form to send a letter to US Congress against CISPA:

The form is from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

For this piece of art I used MyPaint with Deevad set (spray 1), Ramón set (big air brush), classic set (pencil, charcoal, ink eraser, coarse bulk 3 and calligraphy).

This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license.


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