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Cellphone Safety

Over the recent years, smartphones have not only become the main devices for access to the Internet, but also the main targets of hacks can cybercriminals. Since Smith states that their sales have become larger than the ones of personal computers, it can be assumed that the number of threats have also increased due to high popularity of such devices. He further points out that it is the only way to access the Internet for two-thirds of the American population. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine the life without such a device. Every year, there appear innovations on the market, and users tend to buy a modern smartphone to be able to use the newest technological opportunities. Very often, obsolete models are sold, but the sale may put personal information of the user at risk. Therefore, the question is whether it is safe to sell a smartphone or not. The growing popularity of smartphones has caused an increase in privacy problems. General principles of data management make smartphones more vulnerable to different types of threats. One of such dangers is the leak of information if a smartphone is sold to other person. In such a case, if the information is not deleted, the next user can easily obtain access to abroad range of personal data. The latter may include a call log, contacts, personal messages, emails, and credit cards records among others. The growth in the number of applications allows users to connect to social networks that may also become a target for the next owner. The one may upload free software to obtain personal information or restore data and use it against the previous owner for one’s personal gain, including some malicious activities or blackmail. Thus, it is safer not to sell smartphones. Nevertheless, the main counterargument to the decision not to sell a smartphone is that the owner can apply to specialists who can delete personal data securely before selling a device. Smith states that before selling a smartphone, it is necessary to assure that all personal information that is kept on it has been deleted. To protect data and to restore original settings, it is recommended to make a reserve copy and to format the smartphone. Depending on the operative system, it is necessary to carry out different actions. According to the article “What to Do Before Selling or Giving Away Your IPhone,” if a smartphone is based on iOS, it is necessary to go to settings and to delete private information. It is also recommended to switch off such services as iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center. If the user has the function “Find iPhone”, it is necessary to introduce the Apple ID and the password. Later, it is possible to delete data from the device and to delete the device from the account. It allows a new user to activate the smartphone. It is also necessary to contact the provider to receive information on how to transfer services to the new user. When switching on the phone, the next owner may choose necessary settings. It is not important to carry out a manual cleaning of data on contacts, calendar, documents, photos and other information at iCloud if the user is connected to the iCloud account. In this case, the content may be deleted from iCloud servers and all devices that support it. Moreover, even if the above-mentioned instructions are not followed before selling a device, it will be safe to donate it, but first it is necessary to get in touch with the new owner and to ask him/her to delete information according to the previous methods. If a person is an iCloud user and the function “Find iPhone” is enabled, it is possible to delete data remotely from the account. To carry out this action, it is necessary to visit the website icloud.com/find. After choosing the device, it is recommended to press on “Delete” button. Then, after deleting the information, it is necessary to delete the device from the account. If the above-mentioned actions are impossible, it is recommended to change the password of the Apple ID account. Such action does not delete any personal information kept on the device but prevents the new owner from removing the information stored in iCloud. However, the main rebuttal to this argument is that a similar activity on Android devices does not guarantee total security from data restoration. The Avast Software Company that deals with the issues of informational security bought twenty old Android smartphones on eBay. These devices allowed restoring significant amounts of personal information of the previous owners. The company managed to restore more than 40,000 photos, 750 emails, and text messages and even banking information. It was also possible to recover several hundred contacts. Such information enabled the company to find four previous owners of the devices. The company stated that it did not have to use special tools. The same action may be carried out with the help of the software that has free access. Due to this fact, the Avast Company does not recommend users to use means of cleaning that are designed by the operative system. It is better to use third-party applications that guarantee data security. It is also recommended to protect information with the help of a PIN-code or a password. Moreover, after deleting data, it is possible to save random information and to delete it again. This method does not guarantee total security, but it imposes more difficulties on the division of true information from random data. Moreover, one more solution for users is not to sell a smartphone at all. It is possible to use the device as a GPS tracker in cars or a means of vigilance. In this case, a smartphone hidden in a car allows finding it in the case of robbery. It is just necessary to install the software designed for such aims. However, even if the device is left at home, if it is stolen, robbers may obtain access to personal information. It is recommended for users to restore the primary settings even if they decide not to sell the phone. In conclusion, on the one hand the user is not recommended to sell a smartphone because the one may face privacy and personal information issues. On the other hand, selling the device may be the right decision if the owner is aware of the ways to assure a safe sale of a smartphone and to prevent the new owner from having access to personal information. The user should know how to restore system preferences. However, operative systems cannot guarantee total security. For example, Avast Company has proven that it is possible to restore personal information on Android devices. The organization managed to recover photos, messages, contacts, and even banking information. Any user may find the software that allows recovering deleted information on the Internet. Nevertheless, the one may apply for the help of specialists who can take necessary measures to prevent the leak of information and personal data.

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