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Tech And Idioms


The mobile phone, but for decapitation machines.

When originally conceptualized, it was intended as couple of decades of evolution beyond the Berger guillotine model. With it's portability enhanced beyond the original Guillotine last used in 1977 in France.

This speculates on a hand held projectile decapitation fire arm version of this type, where light materials create an angled bladed gun designed for the specific purpose of "on the spot" decapitations when there isn't any time to take people to court to be sentenced to death.

The fire arm is not reloaded, rather think of it more like the weapon on a ship that has a spear with a rope on it. And then you reel back in the rope after you are finished decapitating your victim. The blade follows the path of a rail, in order to make sure the decapitation is swift and accurate. You are still confined in a stock, and tied to a board to prevent mobility.

For example, a society not confident the person in question would actually be sentenced to execution, will go ahead and decapitate her despite mental health questions about the murderess in question. They would assemble the fire arm, a lighter model one can carry over their shoulder, and super cede the trial system in place.

By Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun, it has expanded into a more refined form that resembles more of a loosely based guillotine like fire arm than the Burger guillotine it was originally based on. The rail is fold able at the press of a button.


Originally conceptualized as a medication as a preventive outlet for those prone to aspects society deems as socially unacceptable, especially for murders in the first three parts of Simply Pace, is expanded into a controlled experiment in mind control in Twenty Three Decades, where dream-space (the replacement for cyber space) accidentally creates an alternate universe for malcontents to play in as an outlet for their thoughts.

Voreth's Promise became an entity of itself, it's program becoming sentient and developing self-awareness. It splits off into an entire world of separate personalities with its own culture and history based on the individual desires of "dreamers." Nadine becomes the master of her own dreams, she births Mr. Clocktime and Vella their daughter who eventually comes to betray and undo her betrayal of mankind.


A subset of post traumatic stress disorder, this is a disorder where people who have been previously beheaded by the state, develop depression from having their decapitated head kept alive in a lab, and when their head is finally attached deal with the implications of family that consider them "Ghosts."

Anna-Marie in Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun develops this disorder, the second novelette where she is reincarnated from her previous beheaded personality. She develops weird issues about bladed things.


This isnt a technology so much as a cultural aesthetic. My work diverges from French or British concepts.

While tap dancing has been a thing for ages, the culture in reference has to do with the forced contradiction between the somber actuality of mood with laughing out of shock.

Tap dancing generally being a happy occasion, contrasting with grim dark human affairs.

A simple form of cultural cognitive dissonance.

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