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The Main Problem of Ukraine

I recorded that video of my visit to Privatbank of Ukraine, where they refused to open me a checking account. Since in the video I spoke English, it turned out that Privatbank employees do not understand English, as well as Ukrainian, preferring Russian to these languages. Privatbank employee women started shouting for me to stop filming, I pretended that I didn't understand them "sorry I don't understand Russian. Please speak civilized language, like English." Their answer was pressing the alarm button and calling the security, which showed me a decorative badge with the inscription "POLICE", checked my documents, then gave up and left, while Privatbank consulting girls showed their professionalism, whispering evilly, making remarks and claiming that I had a bomb in my bag, and then they pounced on me, kicking and knocking the smartphone out of my hands (that is battery crime in America) - all under the ridicule of the guards, who, in theory, would have had the goal to protect the clients of their bank from violence, including from such employee girls. Having picked up the broken phone from the floor, I was forced to leave, without finding a common language with the Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

The worst part is that this Privatbank branch was near the main Kyiv's train station, with a lot of English speaking guests from Europe. Imagine some rich German businessman or immigrant coming to Privatbank (Ukrainian version of Wells Fargo) to open an account, then realizing that even Ukrainian bank employees don't understand English and demand speaking in Russian. What kind of integration with Europe they are talking about? These orcs want back into the Mordor of Russian Gulag.


6 months ago

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