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The Invisible Forest

Video with Native Amazonians, Artist in Residence Brus Rubio (Muruy/ Bora) and his guest Okosho/ Tomy Samaniego (Ashaninka), as they reflect on their Indigenous upbringing in remote villages and their eventual integration into city life. In so doing, they wish to share with you some of their ancestral traditions as well as sing for you some beautiful traditional songs.

"The Invisible Forest" Art Exhibition 8th June 2019 Gallery46 Talk 46 Ashfield St, London

Produced by: PATSY CRAIG / ART.WORK.MUSIC Collaboration: Carolina Schneider Comandulli

Video by: PARA-RAIO productions Project Task-Force AMAZON: coolab.org


11 months, 2 weeks ago

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resistence · art · colonization · ashaninka · amazon

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