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Hexoshi - 2016-11-03

This is another look at Hexoshi, the game I'm working on. It probably isn't going to change much between now and the crowdfunding campaign for Milestone 1.

Some changes since the last video:

  • I changed the music, because while I like the way Lines of Code sounds, it just doesn't have enough dynamic range; it wears you out with how consistently loud it is after a while. This different music (Late Night Runaway) doesn't have that problem.
  • Lots of decorative tiles have been added.
  • There's now a frog enemy.
  • Some things about the bullets were changed.
  • There are special items you can collect. One causes enemies to drop "life force" to heal you, one gives you a map, and one gives you an "E-tank" for extra health.
  • You can teleport between warp pads (save points).

I'm still waiting for Savannah to approve Hexoshi for hosting there, but in the meantime, I have set up hosting on GitLab:


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