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Hexoshi has moved to Savannah


Note: This will be the last update posted here. Please subscribe to the Savannah project news feed for future updates.

Hexoshi has been approved on Savannah! Because of this, further development will be done there. The project has been fully moved, and the GitLab project has been archived.

The new location for the website is found here:


And the new project page is here:


To be clear, the new enemies issue will continue to be discussed on GitLab, while future issues will have either an associated task or an associated bug on the Savannah project page.

Savannah supports a lot of features that GitLab does not. In particular, I have started using the Task Manager to track our progress on the goals of Milestone 1, and I will be posting updates to the news feed in addition to Crowd Supply from now on; you can subscribe to the news feed here:


Other than the move to Savannah, the news is relatively modest. Luke has begun to work the ball form, and I have completed some more rooms and made some other enhancements to Hexoshi. The time I recorded myself working on Hexoshi since the last update was 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is inaccurate since I forgot to time myself a few times, but that's fine; I'll just say a wizard did it. So officially, the amount of time I've spent in total is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Changes since the last update include the following:

  • Six more rooms were added, bringing the total number of rooms to 30.
  • The E-tank to the left of the Handheld Map has been replaced with a useless artifact. I felt that it was too early to give a health upgrade there.
  • The map disk near the second warp pad is now complete (i.e. the rooms it maps out now all exist).
  • A "map" key has been added (assigned to "M" by default).
  • Powerups are now removed from the map when collected. Because of the nature of the map, this cannot be retroactively applied to old save files; you will have to start a new game.
  • The URL in the credits has been updated to "hexoshi.nongnu.org".

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