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Image for What Purism's "Road to FSF RYF Endorsement" chart SHOULD look like

What Purism's "Road to FSF RYF Endorsement" chart SHOULD look like

Purism's laptops are never going to be supported by Libreboot, or get RYF endorsement. See these links:

For context, Purism recently put up this incredibly misleading and, in one case, factually wrong page:

Archive of the original version:

It includes a whole lot of micro-steps and non-steps, especially on the left side, to mislead people into thinking that Purism has done more work than it actually has, and what's more, none of the work claimed to be done was done by Purism. All the stuff on the left is pretty much a long-winded way of saying "Completely libre OS", i.e. Trisquel. What's especially funny is that Purism doesn't even ship Trisquel; it ships PureOS, a derivative of Trisquel that doesn't have and isn't going to get FSF endorsement.

Worse, Purism's chart fails to acknowledge the impossible jobs of freeing the ME and microcode, which need to be signed by Intel to work. Both of these jobs are so thoroughly impossible that a miracle would need to occur. So seeing as Purism is depending on such a miracle, I've added in "Miracle Occurs" as a step.


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