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Music Blocks Introductory Demo

This is a basic demo video of how the MusicBlocks software built from TurtleJS of SugarLabs works. The basic workflow for the user is intended to be:
  1. Script the pitch and rhythmic space that you want to work with as a musical pitch-rhythm "matrix".
  2. Select the notes in your intended order by clicking on the corresponding locations on the matrix.
  3. Play Matrix. (Currently a necessary step that must be done before the matrix can be saved).
  4. Save the matrix as a chunk.
  5. Manipulate the chunk(s) as desired by stringing them together and/or applying other chunks as their operators. ...AND
  6. study, modify, and share the source code for a full music integration experience .
Source Code for MusicBlocks may be found at:

https://github.com/khandelwalYash/Music-Blocks -or- https://github.com/pikurasa/MusicBlocks

You can also try the latest master by Yash Khandelwal's, our software developer, at https://rawgit.com/khandelwalYash/Music-Blocks/master/index.html (NOTE: Will not work with Internet Explorer and there is currently a bug with FireFox. Please use Chromium and Chrome)


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