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"Hi pikurasa. This file was failing to process because of unexpected metadata that wasn't being parsed correctly. We've added a workaround to the Mediagoblin code to ignore this unexpected data and reprocessed the file. The error received is below.

[2015-09-10 08:22:33,564: ERROR/MainProcess] ValueError('month must be in 1..12',)

If you feel this error indicates an issue in the Mediagoblin source code rather than an issue in your media file, please let us know and we'll enter a ticket into the Mediagoblin issue tracker."

I think that the metadata may be corrupt. The version of Pitivi that I am using is just not providing an obvious way to set the metadata parameters and I think it just automatically pulls some of the parameters from the audio file's metadata.

That being said, I do think that the error should show up in the Media Processing Panel, so that this problem is not a mystery.

It is important, I think, because many others in the free world are probably using the same version of Pitivi as me, since it is the one in the Ubuntu repos.



3 years, 9 months ago

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