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Why I Think MusicBlocks is Cool

This video was created specifically to sum up all the reasons I felt that it was important to invest time and resources into the development of MusicBlocks.

The highlights of this video are:
  1. Students can explore fundamental musical concepts in a fun and integrated way.
  2. MusicBlocks was designed with flexibility at its core. Creating musical gestures that would be challenging to notate, for example, is not a problem in MusicBlocks
  3. The software is designed for the user to start by creating small musical gestures and then to save those patterns as chunks. These chunks help students to study and manage form.
  4. MusicBlocks is licensed in a way that gives teachers, students, and other users the freedom to study, modify, and redistribute their copies of the program. This means that ambitious students will find everything they need to delve even deeper into MusicBlocks at the deepest level.


3 years, 9 months ago

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