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Eben Moglen - Better than Rage Against the Machine... (2017-09-25) WEBM

Better than Rage Against the Machine: Saving Privacy in One Hell of a Dangerous World

"Privacy is about environment, not transaction and consent. To the world’s owners, we hear now, data is the new petroleum. Privacy destruction is thus global warming on Internet time. Free software and free culture came into existence in the 20th century because people foresaw the threat to human freedom from networked computers collecting behavior, even as the NSA was inventing the mathematics of data-mining. In this talk I attempt to provide a historical view: from the primordial slime to the current mess, as a great Yale historian used to say. I then show how by thinking globally we can act locally, using technologies of freedom embodied in something we call the FreedomBox, to improve the environment and increase both environmental consciousness and citizen empowerment, before it’s too late."

A lecture by Eben Moglen at Yale Law School on September 25, 2017, in celebration of Yale Privacy Lab's implementation of FreedomBox.

Also available here in higher-quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khO76Mpo9dg


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