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Media Bias Debate: Trump Spokesperson Absolutely Destroys CNN Anchor Who Tried to Slam Her Boss

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Donald Trump Spokesperson speaking about the slander he has been victim of. The media bias is strong in America, and all candidates are sceptered to it. However, no candidate has been slandered more than Donald Trump. The PC state has smeared him over and over again.

The only reason I wouldn't vote for him is because he believes in torture for war prisoners. This is a perfectly reasonable reason not to vote for him. What is sad, however, is that the majority of the country won't vote for him due to him being RACIST AND SEXIST. He is in no way racist, sexist, or anything else. He is just animated. I agree with him on most of his viewpoints.

Don't you just hate it when stupid people agree with you? Damn PC media corrupting the popular opinion. SJWs agree with me. I hate it.


4 years, 7 months ago

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